Monday, July 16, 2007

New York, New York...I'm (NOT) Gonna Be A Part Of It.

Guess who's back, back again? Niki's back...tell a friend...LOL! We went to visit Lissy's BFF from college Michelle. She lives in Forest Hills (in Queens). It's really cute where she lives. It's city-ish, but nice & clean. I had a real New York bagel on Thursday morning. Yum. And New York pizza on Thursday night at Michelle's parents' house in Brooklyn. Double yum. Then we went to the boardwalk and Coney Island. The boardwalk is all decrepit...we felt like we were going to fall through the slats. We went into the city on Friday. On the subway. With broken air conditioning. Gross. So...we get into New York City & Lissy is like "Do you love it?" And I say "It's just like San Francisco...but dirty. With rude people. Yuck." I have to tell you...I wasn't so impressed. Seriously, I didn't love it. The shopping was awesome, but the rude people took away from the experience. We saw "Legally Blonde" on Broadway. Omig*d, omig*d, you cute! We stayed at the Waldorf and it was beautiful. They keep it up so nicely. But, of course, the entire front of it was under construction. Typical. We went on a carriage ride through Central Park and I felt so sorry for the poor horses. Sad. I spilled coffee all over my dress at breakfast and had to go to Bloomingdale's and buy a new outfit. For the record, shopping=not so fun under pressure. But I managed :) I saw Ground Zero. It looks like a construction site. But I got goose bumps & flashed back to watching those towers come down on tv.
Hey, guess what, everybody? A IS just like every other guy. Inconsiderate. I am so over men. Honestly. I'm done. One after the next, nothing but disappointments. Sometimes I think it's easier to not get on the emotional roller coaster and just stick with my battery operated boyfriend. I don't even have to shave my legs for him...HaHa. (Sorry, Mom...she's mortified right now!) A didn't really do anything. And that's exactly the point. I want a guy that is going to pay attention to me. Newsflash: that's what you do when you like someone. I want to be a PRIORITY, not a convenience or an afterthought. And although I may be spoiled, I think that what I am asking for is not that extraordinary. Guess A didn't get the memo, huh. Oh, least I have another chapter for my future bestseller "The More Men I Meet, The More I Like My Dog(s)...And Lifetime"!
Speaking of the dogs, OMG...they were rotten for their babysitter Melissa. I felt so bad. Tai Tai pooped all over and Tao barked all night. Really, dogs?!?! Melissa will never stay with them again. But, they were really happy to see their Mommy :)
Ok...I'm done with my A.D.D. ranting for the day. I am sleep deprived, so bear with me,k.